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Please read all terms and conditions before placing your order. The refund/exchange deadline for Summer Session 1 is MAY 22, 2015!

Due to space limitations, we are unable to offer store pickup at the Providence location.  All orders will be shipped to homes or offices WITH NO SHIPPING CHARGE! We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Textbook information is subject to change without notice due to course updates and professor requests.

Not all textbooks will be in stock when your order is processed.  The URI Bookstore staff continuously works with professors on textbook adoptions and information.  If your course is not currently listed, please check back at a later date.  We are always updating the system to have the most current and accurate information.  We also do not fill back orders.  If any of the items you ordered are out of stock when we process your order, you will need to either place a new order or visit the store.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Once your order has been processed, we cannot add additional items to the order.  If you are in need of additional course materials, please place another order and we will do our best to combine the two.  


Used Preferred = Used books will be packed if available, new books will be packed if not.

New Preferred = New books will be packed if available, used books will be packed if not. 

*This may cause price changes on your order.

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