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    The URI Bookstore is owned and operated by The University of Rhode Island.

    If the bookstore generates any net income then much of it is re-invested in the university for various needs and projects.

    The URI Bookstore has transferred over $4-million dollars since 2008 to financial aid,exercise equipment at Mackal, renovation of Roger Williams building,and other student related needs.

    Course materials:

    All course materials and textbooks are selected by your instructor. The bookstore staff does not determine the required books.

    We encourage instructors to consider course materials that the store can offer buyback value on or adopt old editions if

    appropriate to the course. 

    Price of books:

    Students entering their freshman year should budget $600-$800 dollars for their first semester. Generally,second semester costs will be less,budget $350-$500 depending on your major.

    New book publishers ARE NOT in the used book business but they are in the content business. Publishers invest millions of dollars to develop course materials and interactive on-line curriculum. As such, they will often revise the edition of a book,bundle the book with other materials,or custom publish a different version of the text for URI instructors.

    Textbooks often change so be careful whenever you are deciding to purchase course materials from another on-line vendor.

    Margin-Most of the new textbooks are priced at a 22% margin, [some are priced lower at 12% to 20%.] 

    No sales tax-The State of Rhode Island does not add a sales tax to course materials.

    Example: New book Retail price to you $64.10 Our cost is $50. We pay all shipping costs.

    The same used text will retail for $48. Our cost would be $32

    Our used books are priced at a 33% margin on average. We purchase used books through a number of wholesalers around the country one,by one,by one...just like you look for books on-line, one at a time.

    We offer some "old editions"[OE] books for sale at substantial savings. In some cases,we are able to sell OE books $100 or less than the new edition. Students can check adoption information by course on our web site.

    Student customers:

    Our staff are here to help the student. We will always try our best to help you have the right book. We ask that you please treat us with respect,just as you should receive from us.

    Parents, we kindly request that you advise your son or daughter  to come and speak with one of our staff if they have a problem with their course books.  They are on campus and close

    to the store. They need to come and see us in person.

    Credit cards?

    The URI Bookstore cannot accept personal credit card information via the telephone, cell phone,

    or mobile device. All credit card transactions must be in person and the card must be in the name of

    the person completing the transaction. Transactions via our secure on-line store site are recommended

    if a parent needs to complete an order for course materials. Any refunds will be applied to the credit card
    that was used in the original purchase.


    First floor of the Memorial Union Building at the center of the URI Kingston Campus.
    Click here for Directions

    URI Bookstore Memorial Union Building
    50 Lower College Road
    Kingston, RI 02881

    Mailing address:
    URI Bookstore
    P.O.Box 1460
    Kingston,RI 02881

    Contact Information - Phone Directory

    401-874-2721  Recorded Messages/Store Hours [Please do not leave a message on this line,we do not check it often]

    401-789-9590  Bookstore FAX

    401-874-2722  General Information & Clothing Orders [leave a message on this line if needed]

    401-874-9095  Accounts Payable
    401-874-5218  Accounts Receivable & Box and Carry

    401-874-5219  Textbook Office

    401-874-2679  Ram Computers

    401-874-2852  Campus Copy & Design

    401-789-4475  Campus Copy & Design FAX

    401-874-2733  Custom Posters,Signs, Banners, Decals, Nametags